Vol.2..Norwegian Farmer’s Son..June 12th

June 12th…….POEM – “Their Tiny Son” created by N. Elliott Noorlun in honor of the approaching holiday of Father’s Day for our late father, Russell Conrad Noorlun.

Summer of 1954. Elliott is about 6 months old.

Progenitor of, My very life,

In loving tandem, With his wife,

Procured His blessings, When as one,

Brought forth in life, Their tiny son.

Circa 1957 and Elliott stands next to his handsome father, Russell.

One can but only, Adore the man,

Who embodied the aura, “I THINK I CAN”!!

A man of the soil, And his animals grand,

Life all fell together, As God had planned.

Elliott’s handsome daddy, Russell, is on the right in this photo.

In my little boy years, Dad looked so good,

Hair combed just right, Like a handsome man should.

Manly “Old Spice” cologne, Aftershave n showers,

His great-coat with fedora, In those “go to town” hours.

Summer of 1959 (5 years old) finds Elliott basking in his daddy’s presence on their farm 3 miles northwest of Kiester, Minnesota

I looked up to Dad, From down near his knees,

Gladly doing his bidding, Just to see him pleased.

In reality, true, Very mortal he was,

But I’ve always loved him, Just because……..

He was MY Dad!!! 😉


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