Vol.2..Norwegian Farmer’s Son..June 10th

June 10th………..POEM “Father Of My Father”. Created in honor of our paternal Grandfather Edwin A. Noorlun as we approach Father’s Day. Originally created on 6.14.2013

Father of my father, Edwin was his name,

A man of the soil, Who would work and toil,

Whether healthy, sick or lame.

A quiet man, As I recall,

With very few words to say,

But I have respect, For his memory,

Up to this very day.

For my dear dad, Adored his dad,

And followed his farming trade,

With bib overalls, In cow barn stalls,

A family living he made.

So on Father’s Day, There’s really a line,

Of fathers we should thank.

They taught us to work, And our duties not shirk,

For with traits like that, You can take ’em to the bank!! 😉


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