Vol.2…Norwegian Farmer’s Son…June 5th

June 5th………POEM – “Where My Memory Goes” by N. Elliott Noorlun. Created 6.7.2020

Forty-three degrees North, Ninety-three degrees South,

Are just numbers to you, I suppose.

But daily I travel, In gentle pursuit,

Of where my memory goes.

True, there’s now only soil, And driveways left,

Where once our family farm did lay,

But I paint it all in, To my heart’s repose,

The farm where I’d work and play.

The Meadowlark’s greeting, To each fragrant morning,

As Lilacs would bloom near the house.

I’d pet “Gramma Kitty”, And let her run out,

To catch her kittens a mouse.

Though poor to the penny, Our family was RICH,

With treasures mere money can’t buy.

God’s blessings of land, To plant crops so grand,

So RICH was this farmer guy!!!

And rather than mourn, The facts that are born,

That like time moves on, So must we.

I rejoice that those days, Gave us joy in many ways,

That this farmer boy’s still filled with GLEE!!! 😉


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