Vol.2..Norwegian Farmer’s Son..June 3rd

June 3rd……..POEM – “Upon An Electric Fence” written by N. Elliott Noorlun in 2013. Before you enjoy this poem, realize that our farmer daddy deeply loved all of his children, including me. And, with his decades of farming experience, he fully knew that the jolt I’d receive from touching our cow-lane’s electric fence that day would last about a second or two, at the most!! And, as he defended himself to our mother later that day, he said, “Awww, I was just trying to teach him something about farming life”!!! Well, he DID!! Sixty plus years later, I can still feel that SHOCK as if it were yesterday and it DID teach me, VERY well, to have a high respect for electricity!!! 😉

This tiny lad, Walked with his dad,

In days back on our farm.

I had a peace, On life’s new lease,

That I would see no harm.

Except the time, Dad did the “crime”,

Of teaching me, Post hence,

To lay that blade, Of wet grass laid,

Upon our electric fence!!

My eyes did “LIGHT”, And I filled with fright,

As farmer tot of 3 or 4,

That this lesson hard, In our cowyard,

I’d ne’er repeat NO MORE!!


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