Vol.2..Norwegian Farmer’s Son..May 25th

May 25th…………..POEM – “Powder-Blue Clouds” by N. Elliott Noorlun

Note: The Norwegian words, “Sov Godt” in this poem equals “Sleep Good” in English. 😉

Beneath my Castle, Called “Powder-Blue Clouds”,

Near the Kingdom of “Giggling Creek”,

Lived this tiny farm boy, Who found lots of joy,

In adventures of fun that I’d seek.

Tiny Elliott wears one of his mother’s scarves to protect his head from the Minnesota sunshine while playing in a washtub next to their farm home.

From the time I could crawl, From beneath Mother’s shawl,

I entered the County of “Laughs”,

That I plied quite hearty, This munchkin so smarty,

Enjoying each reel from my gaffs.

A momma’s hug gave more energy than a whole meal!! 😉

Injections of hugs, From Mom’s and my snugs,

Were my food far on top of my meal.

With boy energy displayed, I played and I played,

Hunting joy in each giggle n squeal.

Itty bitty Elliott is on the lookout for his next adventure on their farm northwest of Kiester, Minnesota. He’s about 2 years old in this photo from 1956.

In the District of “Squeeze”, I’d crawl on my knees,

To the Precinct of “Raspberry Glen”,

Then I’d eat till I’d bust, Those red gems were a must,

Till my farmer boy tummy’d say WHEN!!

And at the end of each day, In the Country “I Pray”,

Our mother would listen to our prayers,

Another day had been bright, And there in God’s sight,

We’d hear, “Sov Godt” from the base of our stairs.

Big sister, Rosemary, always helped Elliott enjoy fun times on their farm!!!

Whether wearing out socks, In the School of “Hard Knocks”,

I relished the Region of “Joy”,

For each day was a blast, In those sweet joys of past,

And it made for one smiley farm boy!!!


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