Vol.2..Norwegian Farmer’s Son..May 15th


POEM – “Our Regally Royal Radiant Rosie” by N. Elliott Noorlun. Today’s entry date is May 15th, which was also the birth date of our big sister, Rosemary Arlone Noorlun (eventually Ehrich). This poem is a tribute to her life and a fun party she once devised without telling our mother. 😉

On May 15th of ’46,

An angel floated down,

And placed upon, A newborn’s head,

A sparkling little pink crown.

Rosemary Arlone, Had come to us,

Full of VIM n ZIP n ZOOM!

So watch out world, Here comes some fun,

Life’s dance will need some room!

Momma’s helper, Was Rosie for sure,

And when it came time for lunch,

To the field Sis would scurry, With bag in a hurry,

While Dad loved his meal with a crunch.

And then there was when, A party Sis planned,

But left Momma out of the loop.

Birthday guests tagged along, With a whistle and song,

But Rosie was then in hot soup!

Turns out Rosie’s guests, And she had decided,

After school that they’d walk the train tracks.

But without telling parents, Those little declarants,

Were hoping for cake and some snacks.

Mom quickly called parents, To settle their nerves,

For daughters who’d not yet come home.

Then quickly made cake, With some JELLO to shake,

For that party under farm home’s dome.

The years flew by, As this little farm guy,

Saw his sister grow into a queen.

With a beauty so rare, It caused all to stare,

Her bright spirit imbued every scene!

Marriage and family, Graced Rosie’s life,

As she took on duties, Of mother and wife.

Each child a reflection, Of their mother and dad,

Our Sis was so proud, They all made her so glad!

But then in July of ’89, Our sister was called Home to Glory.

Though just 43, It was quite plain to see,

On earth t’was the end of her story.

Yet eternal we are, And her story, by far,

Lives on in each life she created.

Each child born in love, Is watched from above,

By our Rosie with angels elated!!!

So I thank you, dear Sis, As I blow you a kiss,

Till in Heaven we meet once again.

Then the best party ever, Will ring through the clouds,

With blissful joy on that Heavenly plain!! ><>

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