Vol.2..Norwegian Farmer’s Son..April 27th


POEM – “Do The Mighty MatMen Mangle” by N. Elliott Noorlun

Back in the year 1962,

When great young men, Wore the “White & Blue,

An intense new sport, Came for them to do,

I’ll call it “The MatMen Mangle”! 😉

Elliott is a Wrestling Team member in this happy mangle of bodies from the 1966-67 School Year at Kiester High School in Kiester, MInnesota. Not for sure, but he MIGHT be the light-haired wrestler in lower left. 😉

Subterranean space, Where guys each day,

Would make their way, To class FFA,

Is the place we wrestlers, Held sweat and sway,

As we “danced” The Matmen Mangle!

The Honorable Mr. Daryl Ingvald Parker Jr. was much admired by all!!

Under caring eyes, Of Koenck and Parker,

We grapplers were inspired, To be their sparker,

And with each victory, We’d become the barker,

Carrying out The MatMen Mangle!

Coach Parker looks down as he checks on Dale Garvick during this photo session in the 1966-67 School Year.

We knew Coach cared, As leader of men,

And we gladly did, His bidding when,

He’d bark out orders, To us young guys then,

As we wrestled The MatMen Mangle.

1963-64 Kiester High School Wrestling Team led by Mr. Parker and Mr. Koenck. This was the second year that Elliott’s school had a wrestling team.

So, down in the place, Where the Boy Scouts met,

We’d slither n slide, On the mats with our sweat,

As we built our muscles, And team spirit, you bet!!

Proud “Bulldogs” of The MatMen Mangle!!

Coach Koenck help wrestlers stretch their abilities; it was just payback time for him, too!!! 😉

As us wrestlers now, Look back at each angle,

That our young bodies weaved, And had to disentangle,

We’re lucky our young bones, Didn’t break and go to dangle,

As we “Bulldogs” muscled around, With “The MatMen Mangle”!!! 😉

“Whoever has the most FUN, WINS”!! That was truly the case when gentle-hearted Dale Kamrath, the Heavyweight teammate, “squashed” Jeff Thorson, the lightest teammate in this good-natured fun photo shoot!!! 😉

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