Vol.2..Norwegian Farmer’s Son..April 23rd


POEM – “Brother’s New Toy” by N. Elliott Noorlun

Home from the Air Force, And “feeling his oats”,

Big brother came carrying, Some green money notes,

To bring home a dream, The kind that you drive,

With the wind in your hair, Makes you thrive and alive!!!

Elliott’s brother’s new car was a hard top, like this one pictured, not the convertible in the top illustration.

A sparkling new Chevy, For year ’62,

Impala by name, And oh what a view!

Black paint on the outside, Ruby red seats inside,

Power plant under hood, That invited a ride.

Elliott’s big brother, Lowell, is partially hidden behind the hand of the young man in this 1960 – 1961 Future Farmer’s of America class at Kiester High School, Kiester, Minnesota. Lowell’s best buddy, James Meyer, is next to Lowell in glasses.

“Hop in, El, I’ll take you”, “Flying down gravel road”,

“We’ll jump over rises”, “As I give engine goad”,

“This 327”, “Turbo Fire V8”,

“Is some manly type power”, “That makes me feel GREEAT”!!!

Elliott, the “Electric Window Pretender” 😉

Just 8 years, I was, With a mind full afire,

As Lowell drove us over, To dear family named Meyer.

In their driveway we rolled, Impala sleek and slim,

To show off new car, To Lowell’s best buddy Jim!

The greatest majority of cars, in 1962, had hand cranks to roll side windows up and down.

As I sat in the Chev, With Lowell up by the house,

My little boy brain, Buzzed like sneaky lil mouse.

“If I crank the window slowly”, “Both up and then down”,

“They’ll think ELECTRIC WINDOWS”!, “On the only car in town”!

THIS is a handsome example (black exterior/red interior) of the 1962 Chevrolet Impala Hardtop that Elliott’s brother purchased after coming home from the Untied States Air Force.

You’ll think me so silly, But it’s happy I felt,

For my handsome big brother, With his “black beauty” svelte.

I was just so thrilled, For brother’s motorized machine,

Back in farm boy days, When I was skinny and lean 😉


One thought on “Vol.2..Norwegian Farmer’s Son..April 23rd

  1. Great post and loads of memories – 54 to ’65 Chevys, FFA, Shop Class, crew cuts. And yes, the Air Force. Ah, yes, good to look back once in a while. Thank you.


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