Vol.2..Norwegian Farmer’s Son..April 21st


POEM – “The Zing With A Sting” by N. Elliott Noorlun……..From 1946 (when our parents moved onto our farm) till the late 1950’s (when plumbing actually was installed in our farm house), our mother or brother or father had to carry buckets of water from the well “Pump House” up to our home to use for cooking, baths, etc.. When we became “modern” in the late 50’s with indoor plumbing, there was a shower down in our basement that had so much pressure it could “peel paint off the barn”……..or, in my case, my skin!!! 😉

Elliott’s farm home, northwest of Kiester, Minnesota, did not have indoor plumbing till the late 1950’s or even 1960.

In the early days, The answer was no,

As far as no pipes for water to flow.

From ’46, Till late 50’s or so,

That modern convenience, Was just a “no-go”.

Water was pumped up out of the ground by the hand crank of this “Force Pump”. When electrical service was installed, a pump motor brought water to the family.

For back in those days, Filled with rural romance,

If you wanted water, For life to enhance,

You’d need two buckets, Like our farmer’s spouse,

And get that water, From local Pump House.

It was fine for his tough daddy, but, whoooeeee how that hot, high pressure shower water hurt Elliott’s skin!!! ;oO

But then came the day, When we yelled HOORAY!!

Farm home had running water, And the shower had a spray!!

But showers with Dad, Were not my thing,

Water pressure too high, And like needles it’d sting.

YOWSA!!!!! 😉

Cause Dad was tall, And I was small,

When he’d pull me in close, T’weren’t fair at all.

Water “bullets” hit his chest, No problem for him,

But little tender me, Had to learn to swim!!!! 😉


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