Vol.2..Norwegian Farmer’s Son..April 17th


POEM – “Sweet Silent Sunday Stillness” by N. Elliott Noorlun

Even the sun, Gave a silent smile,

As it radiated warm, O’er our country mile.

Another Sunday, Was born with light,

Starting our Lord’s Day, With all that’s right.

Grace Evangelical United Brethren Church in Kiester, Minnesota. Elliott’s family worshipped here, from before his birth in 1954, till they moved to Washington State in 1967.

Across farmlands, I’d hear church bells ring,

Calling all saints, His hymns to sing.

Church houses were full, All across our town,

As children of God, Came in and sat down.

Our pastor would open God’s Book of Love,

With sixty six love letters, Sent from above.

Including the blessing, Of a Sabbath Day rest,

After working all week, Putting bodies to test.

After worship, T’was time to fellowship,

With same-minded neighbors, While coffee you’d sip.

Then was family time, Whether picnic or table,

And giving God thanks, For provisions so stable.

Elliott’s dear mother, Clarice, is the little girl in this photograph from around 1924. Her mother, Amanda, is holding on to little brother, Robert, as they enjoy a restful Sunday afternoon with a neighbor boy and a pony to ride.

Most stores in our town, Were family owned,

So on the Lord’s Day, Rest and ease were honed,

The almighty dollar, Was not king back then,

It was a time of play, For both women and men.

Our dear mother, Back then, Would savor a book,

Or placidly take, A walk by the brook.

Even using a scissor, On Sunday she’d shun,

Reading Bible, and family, Were a lot more fun.

There were Sunday drives, Verdant farmlands serene,

Or visiting family, That we hadn’t seen.

Just the care of our livestock, That had to be done,

Sweet silent Sunday stillness, Enjoyed from sun to sun!! 😉


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