Vol.2..Norwegian Farmer’s Son..April 11th


SONG – “Yust A Little Lefse” The author of these fun lyrics is unknown. For the younger generation tuning in to this……….these lyrics reflect how a first or even second generation Norwegian person tried to speak English. I sweetly recall my Norwegian grandparents had a distinct “flavor” to their English because their native Norwegian language was still very much a part of them.

Our sweet Norwegian mother, Clarice, found this cute item and took this to her Senior Citizen Church Group at Bethel Lutheran Church in Brush Prairie, Washington. The group called themselves, “The Keenagers” and on December 14th of 1995, they all had some fun singing this song. You can, too…..it is sung to the 1948 tune, “Just A Little Lovin’ (Will Go A Long Way)…..written by Eddy Arnold and Zeke Clements. A great audio clip of this song can be found on YouTube. Enjoy!!! 😉

CHORUS: Yust a leetle lefse, Vill go a long vayyy,

Gives yew indeeyestion, Most all of dah day.

Poot it on yer menu, Yew’ll be sure tew say,

Yust a leetle lefse, Vill go a long vayyyyy!

VERSE: Lefse’s good for many tings, Und vee can gif yew proof,

Fer tiling on dah kitchen floor, Or patching up dah roof.

Peeple sometimes use it as, Dah soles upon dair feet,

And some folks tink, It’s even good tew eat!!

CHORUS: Sing it again, ya? 😉

VERSE: Leif Erikson vunce had a boat, It vas a leaky scow,

He said, “Tew beat Columbus, Vee yust gotta leave right now”!!

Dah boat vahs leaking badly as, Dey neared dah U.S.A.

But he plugged dah holes, Yay lefse saved dah dayyyyyy!!

CHORUS: again, ya? Yew know dah rootine by now!

VERSE: If yew know vat lefse is, Den yew can understood,

It looks und feels like plastic, Und it tastes yust like plyvood.

Vee don’t know vat invented it, Vee don’t know hew’s tew blame,

But if yew’re Norsk, Yew eat it yust dah same!!!

CHORUS: Vun more time, humma dinger!!! Und den yew can schtop!!! 😉

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