Vol.2..Norwegian Farmer’s Son..April 4th


POEM – “To Goose A Moose” by N. Elliott Noorlun

Some Big White Hunter, I’ll never be,

I’m just too tenderhearted.

But what I saw, In my mackinaw,

Done scared me till I farted!!!

My uncle and I, Driving down the Al/Can,

Slowly bumpin’ upon snow road,

Looked up in the woods, The best we coulds,

In the brush of the moose abode.

When down off that rise, To our utter surprise,

Came a female moose on the run.

She caught up to us quick, Alongside car at a click,

And we both thought, “You son of a gun”!!!

Maybe she was confused, In her love-starved mood,

And thought our car was her mate,

But we didn’t want to, Take the chance,

Of her love soon turning to hate!

Barney yelled, “HANG ON”!!!, “Gonna scream her a song”!!,

“To get her away from our car”!!,

“Cause if she should charge”, “Our motorized barge”,

“We’ll land in the canyon afar”!!!

Barney banged the car’s side, He hooted n cried,

And, by golly, She headed for the hills.

Now my “moose-pimples” could settle, And return to my mettle,

For me that was PLENTY of thrills!!! 😉

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