Vol.2..Norwegian Farmer’s Son..March 11th


POEM – “A Happy Mugging Of A Hugging” by N. Elliott Noorlun

Elliott is just a week old, or so, and Cousin Brenda is enjoying his howl!!!

Right from the beginning, My cousins were there,

Watching me scream, With their little girl stare.

Little Cousin Brenda snuggles close to Elliott while big brother, Lowell, looks down from above. Mom, Clarice, is so loving!!

This tiny Norwegian, They must have thought,

Came screaming from “baby store”, Where he was bought!

Late summer of 1954 and Elliott is enjoying hotrod rides from Brenda (L) and Valerie (R).

And just so many months, From birth on this sod,

Those loving cousins, Gave me push in “hot rod”.

March of 1955 finds Elliott getting his dose of love hugs from Cousin Valerie Smith.

And on birthdays or gatherings, For camera mugs,

I was their loving target, For lots of good hugs.

The Smith family (Elliott’s mother’s sister) come for farm fun northwest of Kiester, Minnesota. L to R: Gene, Deanna, Beverly, Brenda, Elliott and Valerie.

As the years rolled by, I’d hear their family car,

Which signaled big fun, On our farm by far.

The years only enhance the love of cousins at Farming of Yesteryear Threshing Festival near Kiester, Minnesota. L to R: Brenda, Lowell, Valerie and Elliott. 😉

From birth till today, And all points in between,

I cherish happy muggings, Of huggings I’ve seen.

To be blessed with such cousins, I count it a treasure,

My “diamonds of blessings”, That are far beyond measure!!!

Squinting into a Minnesota sun are (L to R): Elliott, Brenda Smith and Valerie Smith.

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