Vol.2..Norwegian Farmer’s Son..February 13th


POEM – “Buck-A-Hoy Boy” by N. Elliott Noorlun

This prickly plant is a “Cocklebur”, but tiny Lowell called them, “Buck-a-hoy”. They got stuck all over his clothes.

Tiny Lowell was the “Buck-a-hoy Boy”,

When they farmed on Cocklebur Hill.

Near Vinje (Vin-gee) Iowa, In ’45,

He gave our folks quite a thrill.

Though tiny guy, Lowell could really fly.

Like the time Mom set him, Out to play,

But when she’d turned around,

She came to quake and shake with fear,

He was nowhere to be found.

Did that pig flip his wig?

When near the hog pen, She did find,

His cap and little coat.

For all she knew, He may have flew,

Right down that old sow’s throat!!

Tiny Lowell rode inside the wagon while his daddy handpicked their field corn. He got covered with Cockleburs.

Then there were the times, In chilly Fall climes,

When Dad was handpicking corn,

Little Lowell inside wagon, Could do some braggin’,

‘Bout them sticky, round Cocklebur thorns.

Their tiny son, After corn picking fun,

Tried to share of his farming joy,

He said, “Look Mommy, I’m cubbered all ober,

Me clothes wit them’s “Buck-a-hoys”!!

Tiny Lowell couldn’t pronounce the name of Alice Ulve. To our brother, she was “Addis”

For a grand finale, Lowell ditched down the alley,

Of corn rows to neighboring farm.

He knew Wilford and Alice, And sought their palace,

To enjoy their hugs n charm.

Mom n Dad were frantic, At Lowell’s latest antic,

Where’s their boy, Was there any malice?,

When there came their boy, With a smile of great joy,

Carrying donuts from his favorite “Addis” (Alice)!!! 😉

Happy endings were common in those days when farming relatives and friends looked after the good welfare of any little ones………including our wunnerful brother, Lowell!!! 😉


2 thoughts on “Vol.2..Norwegian Farmer’s Son..February 13th

  1. Good morning Elliott
    As a former resident of Kiester, I enjoy your columns in the local paper (State Line News). They bring back a lot of memories.

    Lloyd Haase
    Charlotte NC

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Lloyd,
      I am SO TOUCHED that you would take the time to reach out like this, my friend!!!! Really means a lot to me! Thanks!! So happy that my written creations bring back some good memories for you, too! Your dear daddy made an impression on my life. First, I recall at least one year when he played “Santa” outside the Kee Theater when us kids finished our free John Deere Christmas movie. He was “swimming” in that costume, but so nice of him to do that. The other time was during a blizzard and our bus stopped by your farm one morning. One of you kids had your papers blown around by the wind and here came your sweet daddy, only in his long-johns, leaping into the snowdrifts with you all to retrieve those papers!! ;o) Feel free to stop by my website any time to enjoy over 400 short stories and poems. The majority of them deal with my Kiester days. https://www.norwegianfarmersson.com Lord bless you and your precious family!!! > ;o)


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