Vol.2..Norwegian Farmer’s Son..February 3rd


POEM – “To Scoop Dah Poop!” by N. Elliott Noorlun

Time to spin, Another yarn,

Of daily life, Down in our barn.

Barn-swallows in, The rafters flew,

But down below, Were gutters of goo.

Our bovine beauties, Were a busy crew,

When it came to droppin’, Lots of doo,

That perfume rose, Up to our nose,

To rid that stuff, Did a challenge pose.

A “Louden” brand Litter Carrier

A stiff push broom, We’d give it a shove,

As them “cow-cakes”, Fell from above,

Onto the walkway, Behind each “girl”,

Who was too powerful, As she’d “unfurl”.

With walkways clear, By broom once again,

Twas now the time, For us farmer men,

To grab pitch fork, For Dad and boy,

And roll on in, Our “fertilizer toy”.

Similar to Elliott’s barn, except they had a manure spreader waiting outside the barn that was hooked up to a tractor and not the horse drawn wagon as in this drawing.
Gutter Scraper

We’d start with scraper, At one end,

Of gutter as, We’d push n bend,

And push those “giblets”, Far as we could go,

Till “brown stuff” got heavy, And said, “NO!”

Time to scoop dah poop!

We’d grab the “bucket”, On track above,

And along the ceiling, We’d give it a shove,

To the point in the barn, With gutter “pile” big,

And lowered the “bucket”, It was time to dig,

Scoop after scoop, Of manure with a fork,

By golly t’was just, Such sweaty work.

Angry Elliott

But then one day, As Elliott worked,

A step in safety, He did shirk.

That “bucket” of poo, Spun upside down,

And flung that load, Of “goo” to the ground.

Colorful words, Flew from this lad,

Cause now double work, Was his to be had.

The walkway (on left) was covered with manure and Elliott had to reload the track bucket all over again before rolling it outside to the waiting manure spreader.

With “bucket” swung round, To be right side up,

It was time to repeat, The work of this pup.

With the goo in the loo, We rolled it outside,

Where manure spreader waited, For loads from inside.

A pull from a rope, “Bucket” dumped its load,

And eventually then, Tractor’d head for the road,

To fertilize fields, Making them grow green,

And blessing us with , A barn now clean!! 😉


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