Vol.2..Norwegian Farmer’s Son..January 31st


POEM – “Hurried Hydrant Hooky!” by N. Elliott Noorlun

“I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date!!”

“Hurried Hydrant Hooky”,

A game I did NOT choose to play.

I was late for our firstborn’s baby shower,

Twas the only excuse I could say.


Like the cows in a barn, Each day I would park,

Our car in the center lot’s stall.

After work, I’d jump in, Drop into “Drive” and begin,

Spin a cookie and go have a ball.

Amazingly, Elliott did NOT break off the fire hydrant as in this pic.

But this one time, I parked in the clime,

Of fire hydrant, Right up by the school.

And what happened next, Was really quite hexed,

As I proved that I was the fool!!!

The tow truck driver laughed loudly and couldn’t believe his eyes.

For on that day, My mind in a fray,

I ran out and jumped in the car.

I dropped it in Drive, And like a bee hive,

Got a buzz as I felt a great jar!

Tow truck had to lift Elliott’s car up and off the fire hydrant.

When I gave car “the goose”, It felt power’s “juice”,

Tires bounced up on top of the curb,

It then came flopping down, Over fire hydrant’s crown,

Causing me to exclaim quite a blurb!!

“Wait till I tell the boys at the shop!”

When the tow truck showed up, This embarrassed pup,

Was the target of a raucous tease.

“How’d the heck you do that?!” , The driver scorned,

His belittling I couldn’t appease.

Elliott was BEYOND embarrassed!

My spirit did sag, And if I’d had paper bag,

Would’ve hidden inside for a cry,

I was on a new diet, Though I hated to try it,

Twas time to eat my HUMBLE PIE! 😉

The guys at the shop must’ve laughed themselves silly!!!!


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