Farewell and Goodbye

This will be my last posting for my blog supported by WordPress.com. Their new updated format of creating is just too fancy and complicated for this old dog to learn new tricks. For those few of you who have visited my Norwegian Farmer’s Son stories, I thank you so much for coming by and hope you enjoyed my “gentle adventures”.

May you all have a wunnerful day and thanks again for reading the jottings of this wannabe writer. Like Porky Pig used to say, “That’s all folks!”


4 thoughts on “Farewell and Goodbye

    1. Jeri, my kind friend, thanks so much for your comforting words here!! It has been a joy for this boy to convey my memories and feelings onto paper in short story or poetic form. Blessings always!!! > ;o)


  1. Aloha Elliott,
    Like I’ve always said – You should write a book and sell your songs! Thanks for all the laughs.

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    1. Laurie, my friend, this wannabe writer is touched by your kind words. One friend, from my Minnesota days, suggests I should look into self-publishing through Amazon. Sure is worth a try. No can sell songs……..sold my guitar to a cousin in Colorado. But, ya never know, in my retirement, I just might buy a newer and better set of strings and have some fun in retirement in reawakening a new musical chapter!! ;o) Blessings always! Elliott


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