Vol.2..Norwegian Farmer’s Son..January 15th


POEM – “The Flail Of Her Tail”  by N. Elliott Noorlun

2NFS 1.15g 001
Notice the farmer on the left side of this illustration.  He’s getting slapped with a wet cow’s tail; much like Elliott’s father, Russell, and big brother, Lowell, did on their farm while milking.

To make a farmer, Moan and wail,

Just let ’em get slapped, With a wet cow’s tail.

Now the cow’s just tryin’, To rid herself of flies,

But it sure got nasty, For our couple a guys.

2NFS 1.15b
As cows were resting, their tails would often fall down into the nasty manure gutter and got coated with “yuck n muck”.

Till it was her turn, Old “Bossie” would lay to rest,

Upon the clean straw, That made her feel the best.

But her wandering tail, Would fall down in the goo,

Down in the gutter, Where cows would do their “doo”.

2NFS 1.15c
A Norski weather cow 😉

Upon our dad’s arrival, That cow would stand right up,

As Dad would wash her udder, And attach each suction cup.

2NFS 1.15f
Troublemaker flies!

But mean ol’ flies, Would come to land, Upon old Bossie’s back,

And with her tail, She tried to shoo them, With a mighty whack!

No matter how close, You’d bury your head, Along her warm, soft side,

Twas you that got clobbered, Along with the flies, There was no place to hide.

2NFS 1.15a
To wail from a tail.

Dear Dad n Bro, To the barn they’d go, Twice a day to feed n milk,

Like neighboring farms, With all their charms, Of men who had the same ilk.

So be thankful when, You tip a glass, Of good ol’ chilled “white silk”,

It took a lot of “whippin’ ” on Dad, To bring us that great milk!!! 😉

2NFS 1.15d


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