Vol.2..Norwegian Farmer’s Son..January 5th


#266=Picnic at Noorlun farm; circa 1950
To the far right is the “Pump House” that pumped water for the Noorlun farm.  It also was the place for the family’s “Bucket-Power Shower”. 😉  Elliott’s father, Russell, (at center) leans against a tree, during a family picnic in the shade, on a lovely Summer’s day.  Circa 1948-49.

POEM – “The Bucket-Power Shower”  by N. Elliott Noorlun

2NFS 1.5g
Only a bathtub inside the house.

Back in the days, Of cleaning clime,

Our farmhouse had only a tub.

So when mud-n-grime, Said, “Cleaning Time!”,

You jumped in for, A scrub a dub dub.

#908 Lillian & Lowell. Early 1960-61
Elliott’s Aunt Lillian is center.  Up on the roof of the “Pump House” (to the right), you can see the tank that provided the hot water for the shower head that was inside the “Pump House”.  Brother Lowell is carrying a bucket in the distance here in this photo.

But if you smelled sour, At around cleaning hour,

An option was there to be had.

But it took some muscle, A ladder and tussle,

To clean either gal or lad.

2NFS 1.5b
Buckets of hot water were carried up a ladder to the roof tank for a shower.

Our dad, Or Lowell, Had to pay the toll,

By taking hot water from barn,

And carried across yard, They’d wear off the lard,

It’s true!  And it ain’t no yarn.

#668a Aerial of Kiester farm 001
It was a LONG way for brother Lowell to carry HOT water from the barn (on left), to the “Pump House” roof (little building, in center, along fenceline).

Up wooden ladder, Be he happy or sadder,

The roof tank had to be filled.

And one had to be careful, For if not awareful,

On YOU the HOT water got spilled!

2NFS 1.5c
Hot water scalding wound

For there came a day, Poor brother did pay,

With pain and hot scalding fit!

For his bucket he dropped, And up the hot popped,

Scalding chest, his arm and armpit.

2NFS 1.5e
Be grateful!

So the next time you shower, Give thanks for the power,

Of this convenience that comes through your pipes.

For our brother knows well, With the oweees to tell,

When a shower cost him painful stripes.

LG cell 4.12.14 3403
Elliott’s handsome brother, Lowell, who made showers happen, the hard way, in the family “Pump House”.









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