Vol.2 Norwegian Farmer’s Son..January 1st


POEM – “That Fair Clean Air”  by N. Elliott Noorlun

2NFS 1.1b
Grandma Amanda loved fresh air!!

Grandma loved clean air, And so she’d share,

Big helpings with family dear.

Cause that old farm house, She’d say to spouse,

Could hold bad germs, She’d fear.

NS#18=Bob S. on horse, circa 1925
Elliott’s Grandmother, Amanda Rogness Sletten, stands next to a pony with her two eldest children.  Elliott’s mother, Clarice (front) and brother Robert on pony.

So, every day, I’ll bet she’d say, “It’s time to air out the house!”,

Both windows and doors, On both farm floors,

Thrown open for germs to be doused!!!

Be it Winter or Spring, You could hear wind sing,

As it washed that farm house air clean.

The air may’ve been frigid, But her duty was rigid,

To germs she was downright mean!

Oh sure, she’d scrub, And rub a dub dub,

Every surface that was touched by “man”,

But any lingering harm, In that house on farm,

Was blown out by the wind like a fan!

NFS 11.15h
Grandma Amanda suffered with tuberculosis for a time.

For there was a time, In a different clime,

When Amanda caught a disease.

Tuberculosis was her plight,

Transferred by a possible sneeze.

She suffered so, And she had to go,

Far away from the ones she did cherish,

For if she’d stayed, They’d soon’ve displayed,

Her sickness and possibly perish.

#875 Clarice's 12th birthday by Judine and Nina's place north of Emmons - Clarice, Bob, Del, Freeman Ordean, and Ralph
Circa early 1930’s.  L to R…Elliott’s mother, Clarice, Uncle Robert Sletten and then young Del (Delmaine) Sletten play with Rogness cousins during the time their mother was quarantined to a sanitarium to heal from her tuberculosis.

When she finally healed, I’m sure she squealed,

With delight to be once again HOME!

So that fair clean air, Would always be there,

Refreshing all under that dome!


NS#14=Amanda S. with Clarice on lap
Elliott’s maternal Grandmother Amanda, with Elliott’s mother, Clarice, on her lap.  Circa 1920.

The genesis of this poem is based on stories that my mother told me of how her mother, Amanda Rogness Sletten, would open all the windows and doors of their farm home, near Scarville, Iowa, daily.  Rain or shine, snow or drought, that farm house was opened for fresh air to “chase the germs out”.   Especially after Amanda had to suffer the ravages, and quarantine, of tuberculosis for almost two years (that she had to be far away from her children and husband in order to rest and heal).   As of this writing, in April of 2020, I find it interesting that, as our nation deals with the corona virus, we, too, would like to get some fresh air in our lives to heal and once again be whole and healthy.    So surmises this Norwegian Farmer’s Son.








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