Norwegian Farmer’s Son…December 19th


POEM – “The Smell Of Money, Sonny!”   by N. Elliott Noorlun

#122=Elliott at picnic with Grandma Sletten, circa 1956
On a family day trip, little Elliott stands in front of his maternal grandmother at a family picnic in Austin, Minnesota.  His mother, Clarice, is to the right and his big sister, Rosemary, is at lower left.  His aunts and an uncle are in this photo also.

We’d sometimes pile, In the car to go,

Visit family in yonder city.

For most of the day, We’d chat and play,

Then have to go home, What a pity.

NFS 12.19f
The cows had to be milked twice each day on Elliott’s farm.

For our fine dairy herd, Had milk that would curd,

A sight that just wouldn’t be pretty,

So with handshakes n kisses, To mr.’s and mrs.’s,

We’d head home to tend cow n kitty.

NFS 12.19l
Heading home in a ’56 Chevy.

So to the home place, Our car’s merry pace,

Would cause gravel clouds to billow.

We’d gaze out the window, Till eyelids grew heavy,

Then use Mommy’s chest for our pillow.

Boy with bad breath closing nose - Image isolated on transparent

As our red-n-white Chevy,  Delivered the bevy,

Of Noorluns back to our yard,

I’d crawl out car door, And smell the odor,

That my nostrils found to be hard.

NFS 12.19c
Whooeee! What a stink! 😉

The question this lad, Had for my dad,

Was one that was logic, Do tell.

What in the world, Had just unfurled?

“Daddy, what is that smell!!!???”

#18=Elliott(with Dad, June '56)
Elliott with his farmer father, Russell.

With my hair he would fuss, This Dad they called, “Russ”,

He’d smile at this sonny, So funny,

“It’s a dairy farm, Son, Little son of a gun!”

To ME, that’s the SMELL OF MONEY!” 

NFS 12.19m
A big smell of animals on their farm, meant that there were many animals that would, eventually bring their family lots of money when they were sold someday.

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