Norwegian Farmer’s Son…November 8th


POEM – “Plowman Poets”  by N. Elliott Noorlun

#173=Plowmen who helped Dad; circa 1963
From left to right are the “Plowman Poets”… Darryl Mutschler, Gib Cleven, Chet Ozmun, Helmer Wipplinger and Louie Heitzeg.  The sixth “Plowmen Poet” was Merril Baumann who took this photo.  Circa 1959 on the Allan Parks farm northwest of Kiester, Minnesota.

Six “Plowman Poets”,  A sonnet wrote,

With every furrow of soil,

As tractors pulled plows, Across the land,

That our father would usually toil.

NFS 11.8f
The Plowman Poets lived out God’s will shared in the New Testament Book of Matthew Chapter 22 Verse 36

An injury had happened, In our father’s life,

Now unable to rise to work’s task.

When word got around, Of our patriarch’s plight,

T’was nary the need to ask.

#25=Plowing Bee(to help my hurt Dad) early 1960's
Merril Baumann (on front John Deere) now joins his fellow “Plowman Poets” in the harmony and cadence of seeing a field plowed for our injured father, Russell Noorlun.

Each “Plowman Poet”, Had chores of his own,

Fighting chill in his warm coveralls.

His own farm was waiting, For attention from him,

Hungry livestock did roam in their stalls.

#397=Russ&Erwin Noorlun, Kiester milk room; circa late 1940's
Elliott’s father, Russell (on left), with brother Erwin, was grateful for the “Plowman Poets”.

What was it that drew, These men from their farms,

To invest in the life of another?

Not only were they, Fellow farmers in trade,

But also a good Christian brother!

NFS 11.8g
The “Plowman Poets” gave love that day

The sparkling moldboard, Of each plow share,

Sliced deep into that sod,

As the “Plowman Poets”, Transformed that field,

Into a gift from God.

NFS 11.8h
Such love was well received.

Some cynics may say, These men wasted their gas,

And lost precious hours of time,

“It’s the other guy’s problem, Let him work it out”,

Yet we know, That would be a true crime.

NFS 11.8i
Later, in Christian brotherhood, Elliott’s father became a “Plowman Poet”, of sorts, as he reciprocated kindness to other farmers in need whenever he knew of an opportunity to assist in any way he possibly could.

Lord, please bless the memories, And families who,

Shared their “Plowman Poets” that day,

It was more than a field, It was love they did yield,

In a farm neighbor friendliest way!!! ><>

NFS 11.8l











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