Norwegian Farmer’s Son…November 6th


POEM – “The Peeyoo Flew!”  by N. Elliott Noorlun

#108=Elliott on tractor, circa 1957
Tiny Elliott loved tractors…A LOT!

Since toddler perched, On Farmall seat,

A tractor’s lure, Just couldn’t be beat.

From days when playing, With tractor toys,

I grew to a time, When bigger boys,

Were expected by parents, To do farm work,

And from their chores, They did not shirk,

NFS 11.6f
This “Heat Houser” shroud would capture the engine heat and send it back to warm Elliott while he pulled the manure spreader on that windy and stinky night.

Until one frozen, Winter’s night,

I faced a stinky, Type of plight.

NFS 11.6h
A conveyor chain pulled the cow manure (poop/doodoo) back to the spinning beater bars that threw it evenly out on the field.

For Dad had told me, To be sure,

To take the “H”, And spread manure.

NFS 11.6i
Elliott was SUPPOSED to drive the tractor INTO the wind.

He said to check, The wind’s direction,

And then to make, The right election,

To take the “poo”, To the end of the field,

“Drive INTO the wind”, But did I yield?

NFS 11.6j
The wild, Winter night wind blew from BEHIND Elliott!

“Heck no!”, I figured, Why waste time,

So with spreader in gear, I think that I’m,

The smart one here, So off I flew,

Friendly Poop Character
The chunks of cow doodoo was being blown onto Elliott’s back and head!!!

It wasn’t long, Before I FELT “peeeyooo”!!

In the headlights of, The fast Farmall,

I saw some things, That started to fall,

And soon mysterious, Chunks went WHACK!,

As lumps of cow turds, Hit my back!,

Then I realized, Dad’s wisdom plain,

I deserved what I got, With my untrained brain!!! 😉

When it hits the fan.


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