Norwegian Farmer’s Son…October 15th


POEM – “Two Tiny”  by N. Elliott Noorlun

Elliott’s big brother, Lowell, and tiny sister, Rosemary, in 1946.

Two tiny tender toddlers, Tethered by love’s sweet bond,

As if they had been welded, By Norwegian magic wand.

#263=Clarice, Lowell & Rosemary; circa Fall 1946
Clarice holds baby Rosemary as little brother, Lowell, smiles into the camera in late Summer or early Fall of 1946.

Separated by a whole three years, Yet close and one in heart.

Twins in joy and mischief, With giggles from the start.

#249=Lowell & Rosemary playing in tub; circa 1949
Fun in the tub for Lowell and Rosie in the Summer.

Oh sure, they had their tussles, When tiny tempers flew,

But, overall, emotions would fall, And their bonding they’d renew.

NFS 10.15g
Lowell and Rosie’s favorite radio show

Like when “Big Jon and Sparky”, Was on our radio,

They’d almost collide, As they’d slip n slide, To hear their favorite show.

Family times of reading and relaxing with Uncle Del and their mother Clarice

Before cell phones and video games, Back in the days of yore,

Brother and sister would read their books, And create such fun galore.

#277=Russ giving Lowell&Rosie ride in wagon; circa 1948
Rosie and Lowell got rides in the wagon that their father, Russell, was using to haul trees with.

Like climbing trees, Or playing in the hay, On imagination’s ride,

Or using the wealth, Of children’s stealth, As they’d play both Seek and Hide.

#45=Elliott, Lowell & Rosie on hay wagon(March 1955)
Lowell (blowing bubbles), Elliott (little over 1 year old) and sister Rosie on a wagon ride.

Then along came little brother, In January ’54,

Big brother and sis, Just couldn’t miss, The chance to hug babe more.

#57=Elliott on bike seat with Lowell & Rosie(Summer 1954)
Baby Elliott got lots of love n hugs from brother Lowell and sister Rosemary.

Even baby Sis, Got every kiss, They could give in ’55.

Both Lowell n Rose, Would kiss her toes, To see Candice alive and thrive 😉

It seemed no matter, Which way I turned, I had the comfort of,

Knowing their guidance, And chastening, too, Was guided by their love.

#250a=Noorlun kids; December 1960
Now truly a BIG brother & sister they were!!!  Elliott and Candice are center.

In less than a blink, They both were grown, To handsome lad and lass,

And soon life took, Them each their way, From our daily lives, They’d pass.

#307=Pauline Bidne, Rosemary..3rd BD.., Lowell; May 15, 1949
Rosie (center) has an almost “invisible” birthday cake on tub “table”.

A richer man, I’ll always be, To have seen the love they shared,

It was just too plainly obvious, These two siblings really cared.

NFS 10.15c


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