Memories for Sharon

Dear Sharon Zeller Meyer,

I recently came across some photos of your handsome daddy on a website called

That sight had three Kiester High School “Rambler” yearbooks from the years 1951 – 1953.   I’ve captured some pics of your father via my cell phone camera on a screen shot.  The resolution is not all that great, but I’m sure the memories themselves are sharp in your heart.   Enjoy!!! 😉

Handsome Milbert Zeller is on the left.  He was part of the janitorial team that kept Kiester and Walters schools sparkling for years to come.
A very young Milbert Zeller to the right.  Notice how the Head Janitor, Mr. Bufkin, even wore a TIE in his daily tasks of cleaning the Kiester school!  Wow! 😉
Seem to recall this shot is from the 1953 “Rambler” as Milton is bundled against the winter chill as he drives bus for the Kiester School children.  Milton is front row in light-colored jacket….looking down.

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