Norwegian Farmer’s Son…October 4th


POEM – “So Glad I Know, Homer & Joe!!”  by N. Elliott Noorlun

NFS 10.4d
Elliott was 14 years old in 1968.

I sat in church, On a Sunday morn,

In the Fall of ’68,

Listening to our pastor teach,

The truths of God so great.

NFS 10.4i
The original building of Battle Ground Baptist Church.

Now I’d been raised, In a Christian home,

By parents who loved me so!

I was raised on godly principles,

To do right was the way to go.

NFS 10.4c
Elliott needed and wanted to make a public confession of his faith in Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

As I sat there during the sermon,

Preacher’s words really touched my heart.

His Spirit was inciting, My soul to confess,

And make a public start.

NFS 10.4b
Elliott wanted the world to know that he loved Jesus.

“Not to worry ’bout persons, On left or right”,

“The decision’s ‘tween you and God”.

“Choose now who you will follow”,

“As upon this earth you trod”.

NFS 10.4k
Elliott made his decision for following Jesus and went to the front of the church for prayer.

So as the organist played the hymn,

Of song, “Just As I Am”,

I stepped from pew, And walked up front,

To seek the great “I AM”.

NFS 10.4e
The honorable and much loved, Mr. Joe Smith.  One of Elliott’s “fathers in the faith”.

Just then, two gentle, Godly hands,

Touched upon this young man’s shoulder,

T’was dear Joe Smith and Homer Johnson,

Both godly men, Much older.

NFS 10.4l
Homer and Joe led Elliott in the “Sinner’s Prayer”.

They ushered me, To quiet room,

To pray and talk to the Lord.

And afterwards, They counseled me,

To “feed” upon His Word.

NFS 10.4h
Joe Smith shared this quote in Elliott’s Sunday School times.

During Sunday School, I still recall,

A quote that Joe Smith used.

Its power has, o’er all these years,

Into my soul infused.

How fast that life will zip along,

And if we live for Christ,

We need to share with all we meet,

Why, in love, He sacrificed,

His precious life, On Calvary’s Cross,

To give to us His gift,

Of eternal salvation, And Heaven’s Home,

To where He’ll give us lift.

“Only one life, Twill soon be past”,

I heard brother Joe Smith say,

“Only what’s done, For Christ will last”,

I remember so clear to this day!! ><>  😉

NFS 10.4f








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