Norwegian Farmer’s Son…September 24th


POEM – “He Called The Girls George”  by N. Elliott Noorlun

NFS 9.24e
Shocked into laughter by Mr. Wolbert.

He called the girls “George”, The boys he’d call “Sue”,

Just to see what those little, Sweethearts would do.

Some would laugh, Some’d say “HEYYY!”,

But either way, He’d brighten their day.

NFS 9.24a
Oliver Wolbert….alias “Cowboy”

Oliver Wolbert, Was this man’s name,

From a cowboy past, I’m told he came.

He’d scrub n mop, And shine the floor,

But “Cowboy” never, Was a bore.

NFS 9.24b
Cowboy hat and bandana

“Cowboy” would arrive, Wearing cowboy hat,

Tall n lanky, With tummy flat.

Maybe riding horses, Back in his past,

Gave him the energy, To last and last.

NFS 9.24d
Night, after night, “Cowboy” Wolbert and Big John Maynard would make classroom floors sparkle once again at the Battle Ground School District.

With Big John Maynard, That duo fine,

Would scrub those floors, And make them shine.

Night after night, When the kids were home,

These two dear men, Round the school would roam.

Moving furniture, Waxing a floor,

Then move all back in, And do it once more.

NFS 9.24f
Oliver and John were like father n son.

All the while, They’d tease and gaff,

And down the halls, Came Oliver’s laugh.

Loud n boisterous, Then down to a giggle,

As he and John, Made their floor mops wiggle.

I was always impressed, That “Cowboy” was there,

Day in day out, With his silver hair.

Maybe his only, Choice was work,

But he was faithful, And would not shirk.

The daily grind, To get ‘er done,

That always impressed, This Norwegian Son.

NFS 9.24c
A battery-powered floor scrubber.  I bit newer version of what “Cowboy” used. 😉

2 thoughts on “Norwegian Farmer’s Son…September 24th

  1. Wow! What memories this one brings back. I remember this guy from my early grade school days at Central Elementery. Quite a character.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your note here, good friend, is like a “paycheck in the mail”!!! Always makes me smile! ;o) Dear old Oliver was quite the guy. He got the biggest giggle out of calling the girls “George”. It was his way of learning their real name. “My name’s NOT George, it’s……….” ;o)
      Blessings always, buddy!!


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