Norwegian Farmer’s Son…September 16th


POEM – “My Forever Fine First Grade Friend”  by N. Elliott Noorlun

#161=Elliott and First Grade class; circa 1961
Happy Elliott is first row, far left.  His lovely First Grade teacher was Mrs. Loretta Weihr, to the right in this photograph, from the 1960 – 61 school year in Kiester, Minnesota.

Ensconced in the folds, Of baby blue dreams,

I gingerly stepped through her door,

As I found my seat, My little boy feet,

Set some creaking in the old wooden floor.

NFS 9.16d

Her smile was so bright, On that First Grade day’s sight,

I just knew as she brought class to hush,

Though little I be, It was easy to see,

On my teacher I had a big crush!

School boy eagerly raising his hand at his desk.

Mrs. Weihr was her title, And on each chance I’d sidle,

Alongside her tall, lovely frame,

Whether numbers or letters, There never were fetters,

For to please her was my happy aim.

Just like the occasion, When her gentle persuasion,

Had us traced on a big paper’d floor,

Life-sized puppets we made, To our chairs were displayed,

For Open House parents galore.

#162=Elliott with First Grade teacher; Sept. 2005
Elliott was thrilled for his reunion, in 2005, with his beloved First Grade teacher at Farming Of Yesteryear Threshing Festival near his Minnesota hometown of Kiester.

Decades flew by, As this once First Grade guy,

Saw a lovely and silver-haired smile,

I just knew, in a wink, There was no need to think,

I’d know that dear soul from a mile.

Mrs. Weihr and I hugged, And happily snugged,

As I honored her with praises on end.

Her love was unbound, And in First Grade I found,

My Forever Fine First Grade Friend!!

NFS 9.16a




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