Norwegian Farmer’s Son…September 1st


#918 Russell Noorlun Summer 1919
Elliott’s daddy, Russell, when he was about 1 year old in 1919 while getting a tub bath outdoors on their farm in northern Minnesota near the town of Mahnomen.

POEM – “Norwegian Birthday Boy”  by N. Elliott Noorlun

September 1st, 1918, The day of our father’s birth,

A third-born child, Of the northern wild, There on Minnesota’s earth.

#902 Russell Noorlun and family. Early 1930's
Elliott’s daddy, Russell, is front row in the white shirt.  Photo from the mid 1930’s.

He was one of eight, Five boys n three girls, It must’ve been a riot,

As families that size, Were known to be, Anything but quiet.

Elliott’s daddy is in dark cap, second from right.  Early 1930’s while playing at his school.

Born on or near, The Chippewa Tribe, Dad had many Indian friends,

As rowdy boys, With similar joys, Their laughter could bring on the bends!

As Daddy grew, Hard times he knew, So he launched out on life quite early,

Schooled up to 8th Grade, It was farm work that paid, As he proved his worth so surely.

Russell on the right, with new buddies in Iowa.

Hired farm work, Brought him south, To the northern Iowa line,

He worked for food, A place to sleep, And dollars in the pocket were fine.

#739 Dad n sister Doris 1945
Russell, and sister Doris (on right) were a bit tipsy (from too much alcohol) as they celebrated the ending of World War II in 1945.

As World War II, Came to a close, It was time to celebrate.

Brothers were home, No more to roam, So they partied rather late.

I’m told that Dad got “tipsy”, From partying with his sister,

But HEY, Why not?!, T’was a happy lot, That partied with our Mister.

Elliott’s handsome father, Russell, in the early 1960’s.

Father was born of a generation, That held a lot inside.

Maybe from quiet Norwegian parents?, Or preserving one’s own pride?

So many questions, I have for Dad, That long to be explored.

A silence dwells, For all the times, I had hoped to find a cord.

Therefore, in MY life, Whilst in victory or strife, I choose to share my story,

His answers I’ll find, As we both unwind, Someday in Heaven’s Glory.

So September 1st, Will always be, A time to stoke the embers,

Of memories gold, And his laughter bold, As this Norwegian Son remembers.

100th Birthday Card Printable 100th Birthday Chalkboard Poster Sign 100 Years Ago Back In 1918
Some interesting facts about the year Elliott’s father was born into the world.



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