Norwegian Farmer’s Son…August 25th


#266=Picnic at Noorlun farm; circa 1950
Our “One Man Army” farmer father, Russell, sits with his back up against a tree during one of our family picnics on our farm in south central Minnesota around the year 1950.

POEM – “Sick Or Fit, Our Dad Was It!”  by N. Elliott Noorlun

The other day, I had the flu, And really felt like junk!

With fever, pains, And jumbled brains, My energy just sunk!

So I reached for a phone, To call a Sub, To work at job in my stead,

While I stayed at home, And didn’t roam, Very far from my soft bed.

A shivering sick guy resting in bed
Elliott felt yucky!!! 😦

As I lay, And convalesced, At least three days or more,

I pondered how, Our farmer dad, Survived in days of yore.

Here in this modern culture, We have things pretty easy,

But not our father, He couldn’t bother, Even when he felt all queasy.

NFS 8.25a
Elliott’s father, Russell, had to keep working, even when injured!

Like the mean old cow, Who swung her head,  And knocked him off a ladder.

He broke three ribs, As he screamed in pain, Which made me all the sadder!

The only thing, That Mom could do, Was wrap his rib-cage tightly,

Then sent him back out, To milk those cows, Just like he did so nightly.

NFS 8.25b
Elliott considered his father a “SUPER HERO”!!!

Even though our brother, And blessed mother, Worked hard from sun to sun,

Whether sick or fit, Our dad was it, When it came to “getting it done”!

No need for Super Hero cape, Or “S” upon his chest,

When I think of strong, I can’t go wrong, When I label Dad “The Best”!

Even in his pain, With energy drain, Our father carried on,

It makes me proud, And I say it loud,  GLAD TO BE A NORWEGIAN FARMER’S SON!! 😉

#18=Elliott(with Dad, June '56)



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