Norwegian Farmer’s Son…August 13th


NFS 8.13k
Elliott really got a CHARGE out of THIS new job experience!! 😉

POEM – “Hired To Be Fired”  by N. Elliott Noorlun

I was hired to be fired, By electricity,

As I stood in line, At the office that day, And the foreman pointed at me.

NFS 8.13i
“YOU, you’re gonna be an electrician!”

“YOU, you’re an electrician!”, Was what the Boss Man said,

And here, my very first day on the job, Was this something I would dread?

Nobody else had raised their hand, I suppose he had no choice,

Than to point to any person’s body,  And exercise his voice.

NFS 8.13b
Battle Ground, Washington had a Shasta Factory.

“Shasta Travel Trailers”, Was where I went to work,

Back in the Summer of ’72, For this young teenage jerk.

Two dollars and twenty two cents an hour, Was a fair amount of money,

Back in the days, It was one of the ways, Of income for this sonny.

NFS 8.13g
“Whatever you say, Boss!”

“Follow me!”, said my new boss, “We’ll show you how to do it!”,

From running wires, To avoiding fires, And bending the conduit!”

Ray Waymire 001
Elliott’s buddy, Ray Waymire.

My buddy, Ray, Also hired that day, We both got educated,

In how to make, A trailer LIGHT UP, And keep our boss elated.

NFS 8.13a
No news was good news.

There was crusty old Pete, The assembly line boss, Whose choice of words were crass.

Today his comments would’ve gotten him fired, As he’d embarrass boy and lass.

When things went right, the trailer would LIGHT, “No news is good news”, right?

But sometimes inspector, Would call us to see, What made her wanna fight.

A staple popped through, A cabinet wall, Or wiring was wrong,

They’d have to tear, This trailer apart, Which would cost a pretty song.

NFS 8.13d
Practice makes perfect.

But as weeks went by, This inept guy, Got better at wiring a “Shasta”.

Till new job came, With more money n fame, And promised a better “here afta”! 😉

NFS 8.13c



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