Norwegian Farmer’s Son…July 31st


NFS 7.31d
If TV kids got away with an anger tantrum, why not Elliott? 😉

POEM – “Slam Then BAMM!!”  by N. Elliott Noorlun

Hollywood kids, Seemed to have their way,

In anything they wanted.

All it took, Was to blow their stack,

And dig in heels undaunted.

TV parents would sigh, Saying, “Me, oh my!,

“What is it that Johnny wants?”

“He’s blown his lid, That poor little kid”,

“And to his room he haunts!”

So this here child, Kinda meek n mild,

Decided to play a game,

To see if I could get away,

With that tactic, Oh so lame.

NFS 7.31e
No snacks?  Then Elliott decided to slam the refrigerator door in anger.

Once came the day, On an afternoon,

When some food I wanted to snack.

I went to the fridge, To peruse inside,

For the goodies I’d attack.

My folks were both, In the kitchen that day,

Mom saw what I planned to do,

“Now close that door, No snack right now”,

“Supper’ll soon be ready for you.

I thought to myself, “I’ll throw a fit!”,

“Just like I see on TV!”,

So I slammed the door, Of the fridge and swore,

I wanted my sweets, by gee!

NFS 7.31c
Before Elliott could even THINK of running away, his father grabbed him by collar and butt and was flying him to a spanking.

Just then Dad launched, From his chair nearby,

And before this boy could run,

His hand to my collar, The other to my butt,

Of this ornery Norwegian Son.

I flew like a plane, To the place of pain,

To back bedroom is where I flew,

NFS 7.31b
YOWSA lesson!!!

And as he had the chance, Dad yanked my pants,

His hard hand hit KAHBLEW!!

Before ya know it, My backside showed it,

It started glowing red,

“TV just, Ain’t like real life”,

“I just might end up dead” (or so I thought).

NFS 7.31f
Elliott knew his daddy loved him.  He was just quickly correcting a bad attitude in his little boy.

“Spare the rod and spoil the child”,

Says Bible verse so true,

And even though, My cheeks did quake,

And quivered through and through,

T’was then I realized quite quick,

That TV shows are cute,

But it’s more important, To obey your folks,

Or you might just get the boot! 😉

NFS 7.31g



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