Norwegian Farmer’s Son…July 29th


NFS 7.29a
Only “snail mail” existed between 1967 and 1974 when Elliott played mr. romantic with his letters.

POEM – “Once Upon A Snail Mail”  by N. Elliott Noorlun

The year was 1967, I was two years past eleven.

The age when girls, Just have to smile, To send boys heart, A country mile!

Her hair was blonde, As it could be, And known to all, As Rosalie.

She’d tweaked my interest, With her charm, Just days before, We left the farm.

NFS 7.29f
Elliott wrote some far-fetched letters.

“Please write to me!”, Was her soft plea,  For me, a duty happily,

Fulfilled as soon, As we moved out West,  I put pen and paper, To the test.

NFS 7.29c
In Elliott’s case, the “UD” on the megaphone, in this graphic above, stood for University of DOOFUS!

I’d generously elaborate, ‘Bout attributes n skill,

I figured this, In innocence,  Could really do no ill,

Until came 1974, Vacation for me, So out the door,

To see this cutie, Face to face,  Letters are past, Now it’s time for the chase,

To see if I, Can live up to my notes,  Fulfill what I said, Live up to my quotes.

It didn’t take long, To realize,  I had painted persona, Beyond my size.

For Rosalie, Was cute n smarty,  And really liked, To party hearty!

NFS 7.29g
Elliott just shrank in this foreign and loud environment.

Wall flower was I, Amongst her crowd,  Shy, reclusive, Alone and kowed.

Off she went, With another young buck,  “This is great!”, Thought I, “Now I’m stuck!!!”

NFS 7.29h
A special phone call from Rosalie!

Over 25 years, Since that sad night,  I was raking leaves, In evening’s light,

When our house phone rings, I received a call,  While drinking in, The scent of Fall.

It’s Rosalie apologizing, For her ways so long ago,

“Can you please forgive me, For my choice,  At the party I chose to go?”

Of course!”, said I, “The slate is clean!”“Now share with me, That I may glean!”,

NFS 7.29d
Few cell phones then.

We shared about, Each other’s life,  How each had seen, Both happy and strife.

All this to say, That if you play, With email, chatroom or letter,

It may be fun, But till they’re won,  Face to face is always better!!!

NFS 7.29b






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