Norwegian Farmer’s Son…July 22nd


POEM – “Daddy Made Me Blush” by N. Elliott Noorlun

#340.1 Russ Noorlun 1953
Our fun father, Russell! 😉

Our daddy was a stinker,

He loved to tease and joke,

Especially if someone else received,

His well-intentioned poke.

Little gullible me, Dense I could be,

At that tender, innocent age,

I was no match, For what soon would hatch,

From my Norwegian farmer sage.

NFS 7.22b
I was told to lift up that tail.

That dad of mine, He made me blush,

While walking through, Our cow-yard mush,

A brand new calf, Had just been born,

Upon that Late Spring, sparkling morn.

As I was admiring, That new little one,

My silly dad, That son of a gun,

Asked me to walk, ‘Round calf’s behind,

He said the little one, Wouldn’t mind.

NFS 7.22c
Elliott began to blush big time!

Dumb as a stump, I did his bidding,

Not knowing I’d be, The target of kidding.

“Lift up the tail!”, Said daddy dear,

As I came around, Tiny animal’s rear.

Tail lifted up, I looked over to Dad,

And here’s what he said, To this little lad.

“Tell me son, One barrel or two?”

As I stood in cow-yard’s, Ankle deep goo.

#160=Lowell and cow near barn; June 19, 1955
Elliott’s father was standing where big brother, Lowell, is standing in this photo.

By this time, Dad’s roaring,

With laughter galore,

As he stands over near,

Our barn’s Dutch door.

I look at him puzzled,

No way did I know,

The question’s right answer,

That made him laugh so!!!

NFS 7.22d
Young Elliott had no idea what his daddy meant, or was laughing about! 😉

The six year old quizzical,

Look on my face,

Just made Dad laugh harder,

And quicken his pace.

Later in life, When maturity came,

I finally realized, Our farmer dad’s aim.

“Ignorance is bliss”, When’s all said and done,

And such was the case,

For clueless farmer’s son.  😉

That baby calf was likely wondering “What in the world is Elliott up to???”  😉

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