Norwegian Farmer’s Son…July 20th


#61=Elliott's first B.D.,Jan. 1955
With his baby crib and high chair in the background, tiny Elliott is excited to gobble up some birthday cake after finishing his first year on planet earth.

POEM – “They All Came And Went”  by N. Elliott Noorlun

When I ponder my birthdays, They all came and went,

Faster than bucks, In my pocket are spent.

I often muse on when I was young,

How parties n presents, My direction were flung.

#133=Rosemary&Elliott laughing with BD cake; Jan. 14th, 1955
Another 1st birthday shot, on January 14th, 1955, with big sister Rosie.

There’d be cake n candles, Gram n Gramps would be there,

Celebrating with me, In my fine blondish hair.

NFS 7.20g
Scary movie on party night.

Later, games with friends, Sometimes overnighters,

We’d watch scary movies, Those real nail biters.

It was all great fun, Come each January,

When I’d get sister hugs, From our dear Rosemary.

NFS 7.20b
Like little Woodstock here, later in life, blowing out all those birthday candles COULD get windy!

Over time, those years of life would fly,

As candles on top of cake’d multiply.

And soon it would take, One heck of a blow,

To “poof” candles out, And start the show.

NFS 7.20c
Elliott is now an OLD birthday boy 😉

Yet another observance, Did come to my mind,

That with passing of years, I was soon to find,

Fewer and fewer, Family and friends,

They’d gotten too busy, To make the bends,

Of coming or phoning, Or sharing a card,

Life just gets so busy, It’s really quite hard.

“Besides, he’s so grown up”, “He doesn’t need us”,

“To buy him a present”,  “Or show a big fuss”.

NFS 7.20a
On Elliott’s first day of life on earth, he just laid around, and slept, and ate.

T’was then my philosophy, Of birthdays was born,

No matter how old, No matter how worn.

My first day of life, Only thing that I did,

Was lay around, eat, And sleep under lid,

Of blanket so cozy, By my momma’s care,

I felt so good, And comforted there.

NFS 7.20h
Old man Elliott lays around, sleeps and eats on his birthday…..Just like he did as a baby! 😉

So now when my “day”, Comes around each year,

I buy all the goodies, I love and hold dear.

I lay around, sleep, And eat till I bust,

At least this boy, Remembers the gust,

Of being happy, And thankful for,

Every year of life, This side of Heaven’s Shore.

NFS 7.20f
Even old people can have a silly and good birthday time!!!





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