Norwegian Farmer’s Son…July 18th


NFS 7.18b
In Elliott’s young days, telephones were connected to a wall or sat on a desk with a cord that went to a “handset”.

POEM – “I Think I’ll Return” by N. Elliott Noorlun

I think I’ll return, To the days of my youth, When telephones hung from the wall,

When talk was the key, To teenager’s glee, Be you short-n-stubby or tall.

NFS 7.18m
That romantic phone call.

If a call was from “her”, You started to purr, And wanted to be all alone,

So a long cord you’d fetch, And would make it stretch, Outside you’d go with phone.

NFS 7.18j
Elliott’s sweetie on the other end of that phone call was special!

At the length of that cord, Choice moments you’d horde, As you talked with darling fair,

Though miles away, You’d take time to say, How you’d love to be close cause you care.

NFS 7.18d
A good old-fashioned library with real books.

I’ll also return, To a time when I’d yearn, To feel in my hand a real book,

And settle to nook, As I’d delve in that book, For adventures of Old Captain Hook.

There’s magic in books, That cannot compare, To beeps, bells n whistles on phone,

In library’s quiet, There’s no cell phone riot, Just the joys of reading alone.

NFS 7.18c
Ahhh, the quiet joys of holding a real book as you read.

There’s solitude there, Living under your hair, As you turn each old-fashioned page,

And whatever you glean, Be it boring or keen, Will stay with you and “pay” a good wage.

NFS 7.18f
Elliott would be mr. muscle if he spent more time away from his cell phone and did something positive like more physical exercise.

Even at my age, This ancient old sage, Would benefit from much greater powers,

Instead of the wasting, With skin color pasting, As I zombie on cell phone for hours.

If I took that same time, Kept muscles in line, I know that this tummy’d be flatter,

So I’ll huff n I’ll puff, Till my heart yells “Enough!”, Good health is a serious matter.

NFS 7.18n
Remember to share His love in all you do.

All this to say, That someday we’ll pay, Much more than a cell phone bill,

If we fail to be human, We will not illumine, To love others and share His good will.

NFS 7.18h





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