Norwegian Farmer’s Son…July 11th


NFS 7.11b
How to find more worms?

POEM – “Daddy’s Wacky Worming Wonder Rod” by N. Elliott Noorlun

Whenever our dad went fishin’, He’d make his plan real firm,

In order to catch his limit, He’d need more than just one worm.

NFS 7.11e
Either dig ’em out, orrrrrrrr 😉

Ol’ Pop would throw out coffee grounds, In flowerbeds round the house,

And assisting him, For his fishing whim, Was his dear and loving spouse.

NFS 7.11g
No sweat is better, ya?

Now who wants to sweat, In order to get, Enough worms to last the day?

Since they lived down under, He’d have to plunder, To bring them to light his way.

He could use a shovel, To bring worms up, But that would take too long,

There must be a method, If he thought long enough, That would turn a chore to song.

NFS 7.11h
Prod was similar to this, but not quite as fancy.

As time went by, Our inventor dad guy, Came up with a zippy zap notion,

An electric rod, Shoved into the sod, Would cause them worms commotion.

Some wires did lead, From the rod’s end feed, And plugged right into the wall.

NFS 7.11f
Worms said, “GET ME OUTTA HERE!”

It made those worms squirt, Right outta the dirt, Dad gathered, no problem at all.

Dad got a good giggle, From seeing them wiggle, So fast to get out of that soil.

As he readied the can, Our inventor man, Went fishing without any toil. 😉

NFS 7.11d


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