Norwegian Farmer’s Son…July 9th


POEM – “The Woozy Wows Of The Thee’s n Thou’s” by N. Elliott Noorlun

NFS 7.9c
Overall, Elliott really DID enjoy going to church each Sunday with his family!!! 😉  ><>

The woozy wows, Of the thee’s n thou’s,  Attacked my little boy brain.

E’en though I tried, Down deep inside,  My sleepy eyes did strain.

NFS 7.9d
Preach it, Pastor!!

Preacher talked away, So my mind it did stray,

My brain finally quit,  And went “outside” to play.

It seemed for some reason, In my little boy season,

That God only spoke “King James”,

With a thee and a thou, My brain would kowtow,

Church verbiage all sounded the “sames”.

NFS 3.6b
Elliott pretended the square tiles in the church floor were like the square roads in the farm country of his southern Minnesota area.

It was a struggle, As in pew I did snuggle,  I would almost fall asleep,

So to keep awake, For propriety’s sake,  Imaginations inside would creep.

The floor below, Was tiled you know,  All shiny n flat n square,

So in vivid thought, That couldn’t be caught, I’d have some fun with a flare.

Our countryside, Was flat and wide, Roads laid in giant square,

They resembled this floor, Where I sat with a bore,

In my mind I rode motorbike there.

boy riding on yellow scooter clipart
Scooter in his mind.

So as preacher preached, To adults in the pews,

Giving King James talk, Of God’s Good News,

My little boy thoughts, Dun lit the fuse,

Of quiet fun, Beneath my shoes.

In tiny micro, Little boy thought, I’d board my hotrod scooter,

As minister sought, To have us taught, As God’s loving earthly tutor.

Staring at my “roads”, I just had loads, Of motorcycle fun,

Til it was time to sing, A hymn, by jing,

For this Norwegian Farmer’s Son.

Kiester Grace EUB Church
In Elliott’s day, his church was known as Grace Evangelical United Brethren Church in Kiester, Minnesota.



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