Norwegian Farmer’s Son…May 22nd


POEM – “Envy Is A Monster Green” by N. Elliott Noorlun

nfs 5.22b
Envy can be like a monster reaching out grab your heart and thoughts and implant its wrong motives within you.

Envy is a monster green, Who’s heart is pale and very lean.

Whate’er it sees, Its thoughts are mean,  It wants your stuff, And all that’s seen.

nfs 5.22a
Green because it’s a sickening thing, envy.

E’en as a child, And oh so young,  Can flow these feelings, When among,

Their playmates whose, Nice toys are flung, With greed and selfish song unsung.

So learn when young, Each girl and boy, To find contentment, And sweet joy,

Procure His peace, And then employ, A royal heart, Like true Viceroy.


I felt that rather than bring up names from my past, it was better to share heart here via the gentle communication of poetry so that our children and grandchildren can learn to shun this weak link of the human existence.  So muses this Norwegian Farmer’s Son.

nfs 5.22c


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