Norwegian Farmer’s Son…May 18th


POEM – “In Walked You Know Who” by N. Elliott Noorlun

nfs 5.18d
Big Bruiser Barton was TALL and Elliott was small!

She stood at least about 9 foot 3,

Or so it seemed to scared lil me.

With ferocious teeth that looked like they,

Could eat a kid for a meal each day!

The thunderous way with which she’d walk,

Would scare the stones, Cold dead to talk.

When she’d come near, this kid would fear,

My skin would turn, From pale to clear.

nfs 5.18b
Elliott and his buddies used these old-fashioned wall urinals at school.

One day, the other guys and I, We had our turn to “let things fly”,

So to nearby restroom, Where we’d “toot” n “boom”,

Finding “nature’s relief”, In echoing room.

nfs 5.18a

While lined up standing,  At the “loo”,

In walked behind us was, You know who,

With us in the middle, Of trying to piddle,

Her bellowing voice, Sounded like a bass fiddle.

She began to growl, “Hey YOU and YOU!!”

“Hurry up and GET, Outside you two!!”

I began to shrink, Inside my bladder,

Cause she made me cringe, THAT’s what was the matter.

With “duty” done, I began run,

From that mountainous woman, Who’s growl was NO FUN!!

nfs 5.18g
Elliott was one scared guy, ready to fly!




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