Norwegian Farmer’s Son…May 4th


NFS 5.4e
A pirate’s bounty!

POEM – “A Tiny Tike’s Treasure Trove” by N. Elliott Noorlun

At the end of the movie,

The good guys had won,

The pirates were dead,

Every son of a gun!

And as film credits rolled,

Everyone could see,

A treasure chest bursting,

That filled all with glee!

Treasure Chest with Glowing Interior
Thanks to big brother, Elliott already had a treasure chest.  It just needed filling.

My brother had made,

Treasure chest in a shop,

Now all I needed,

Was treasure to drop,

NFS 5.4c
Ooodles of jewels would be needed!

Inside of that box,

For my fantasy,

But where to find jewels,

That could come to me?

NFS 5.4d
Elliott’s dear mother had some old rhinestone jewelry she gave him to play with!

Of course!! My Mom’s,

Rhinestone jewelry would do,

I’d whine for her old ones,

To her side I flew.

NFS 5.4g
Tasty “gold” for Elliott’s treasure chest!

My “gold” would be chocolate,

Quite easy to buy,

Pretty soon a treasure,

Would belong to this guy!

Now this little “pirate”,

Would have treasure to hide,

With his jewels n gold,

And fantasy in stride!!

NFS 5.4h
Yo Ho Ho and a bunch of fun!!!


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