Norwegian Farmer’s Son…April 29th


NFS 4.29a
Elliott had a great fear of missing the school bus that would take him home in the afternoons.

POEM – “Three Miles Out!”  by N. Elliott Noorlun

Back in my youthful, Days of yore,

There’s nothing that scared me, As much or more,

NFS 4.29d
Like a rocket, Elliott shot out the door.

Than missing the bus, After school’s last bell,

For if I did, I’m here to tell,

E’en though we lived, Just three miles out,

I feared that I would, Cry and shout,

NFS 4.29c
LeRoy and Manville , along with their faithful drivers, got all us kids safely to and from school.

If Manville Meyer, Drove outta sight,

I knew I’d be, In an awful plight!

NFS 4.29e
RUN, Elliott!!!!

So every day, When that school bell rang,

Like a fiery rocket, From that chair I sprang,

With determined speed, This lil’ cus,

Was never late, For his school bus!!! 😉

#212=Kiester, MN at 600 pixels
The red arrow points to Elliott’s farm.  Only three miles away from their beloved hometown of Kiester, Minnesota….., but for Elliott’s little legs, it seemed like a hundred miles away.

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