Norwegian Farmer’s Son…December 24th


POEM – “Many A Year Of Christmas Cheer” by N. Elliott Noorlun

#433=Muriel n family; Christmas 1956
Our sweet mother’s cousin, Muriel (Wuerflein) Wogen, sent family photo cards, like this, for many years.  It was fun to watch her sons “grow up”.

For many a year, Christmas cheer,

Would land in our farm mail box.

#317=Virgil,Patty,Linda&Diane Bidne...Christmas
Cuteness for Christmas times four 😉

With smiles galore, And memories more,

Than could fit in fire-mantled socks.

#458=Marlin n Lozira Wuerflein; Christmas date unknown
Another cousin of our mother’s loved his old car.  He and his wife often would dress in period costume while driving it.  To them, it was a part of the family, so it was usually included in their yearly Christmas card photo.

We were always quite taken, And by love we were shaken,

That family and friends would remember,

To send us their love, Based on His from above,

On this holiest day in December.

NFS 12.24a
Christmas on our farm was made that much sweeter by the cards we received in our mailbox by the graveled country road. ><> 😉

So as I gaze back, On each snow track,

That I made from the house to mail box,

I was always elated, To know we had rated,

With Yuletide greetings, Blessed outta our socks.

NFS 12.24c


4 thoughts on “Norwegian Farmer’s Son…December 24th

  1. Yes finally I can say what an amazing writer you are my friend!!!! Keep it up! I love reading your stories it takes me back to my childhood and the memories.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sweet Jacquie,
      You are one of my Three Musketeers there at school!!! Jo Moser and Laurie Ines also have been so very kind in their comments to me about my writings. Ohhh, also Nona Velligas……no comments, but she kindly clicks a LIKE on FB almost every time I post a new gentle adventure. Only one of my five children (for whom I started writing these stories for) is faithful to come by and read them. Really drags me down, at times. Even when I’ve told them all that many stories are being re-written and have more photos and graphics.
      I keep dreaming of the day, in my dream world, when some publisher will stumble across these collections and offer me a million to print them or make a movie…….heheheh!!!! Yah, I know “in your dreams” ;o)
      Hugs n Mahalos,


  2. Thank you for helping me to reminisce about my childhood on a farm south of Kiester, Mn. in the late 60’s and 70’s. I remember so much of what you are talking about. It brings a smile to my face and warms my heart.


    1. Dear Jim,
      It’s a great joy to have you take the time to share your thoughts here!!! The greatest share of my stories and poems (365 in all) have to do with my happy childhood there in the Kiester, Minnesota area. My parents farmed 120 acres NW of town near the Charlie and Louie Heitzeg farm. I hope many more pleasant memories are ignited for you when you browse through these many experiences from my childhood years. Merry Christmas, my friend!!! > 😉


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