Norwegian Farmer’s Son…December 2nd


NFS 12.2c 001
Ignorance, on Elliott’s part, ALMOST burnt the house down.

POEM – “Pyrotechnic Presto Power!” by N. Elliott Noorlun

Pyrotechnic Presto Power, On the Eve of Christmas time,

Exploded in the Living Room, T’was Elliott’s ignorant crime.

NFS 12.2e
One or two logs is fine, but NOT five (or more) stacked on each other!!! :-O

Wanting to increase the fun, Of Christmas even higher,

“Let’s pile up more of the Presto Logs, And make a brighter fire.”

Glass doors were closed to the fireplace, As we enjoyed the view,

And went about to open gifts, Of every color and hue.

NFS 12.2f
Mom and the kids were as shocked as Elliott with the ensuing explosion of glass!!!!

But after awhile the bottom logs, Of sawdust had burned through,

And crumbled underneath the weight, Then bid their place adieu.

The upper Presto Logs aflame, Now tumbled ‘gainst screen glass,

And caused a scare as the fire there, Made a dread from Dad to lass.

NFS 12.2h
The glass fireplace door exploded from excessive heat!!!

KABOOM!! went that old fireplace glass, With too much heat KERPOW!!

Chaos erupts within the room, Dad’s really done it now!!!

I jump outside the front door quick, And yanked in garden hose,

“Gotta get this flame and smoke put out, Gonna be a mess, here goes!!!”

NFS 12.2g
Ornery little flames!!

If Santa had tried to chimney down, Our fireplace that night,

He’d laugh me to scorn, cause I was forlorn, For the mess within my sight.

To this very day, our kids will say, “Way to go, Dad, we recall”,

“The mess and the smoke, as a ribbing we’ll poke,

“When dad made the Presto logs fall!!!”


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