Norwegian Farmer’s Son…April 20th


#825 Boy Scout newspaper article by N.E. Noorlun(1968)
Elliott was a young 14 years of age when his Scoutmaster asked him to write this article for “The Reflector” newspaper in his new hometown of Battle Ground, Washington.

It was 1968, in our new land of Washington State, when I joined the local Boy Scout Troop 344 in our town of Battle Ground, Washington.  Our Scout Master gave us all an assignment to write an article about scouting for the local newspaper called “The Reflector”.  I was greatly honored when he selected my article above my other fellow scouts and submitted it to the newspaper for publication.  Within the week, I saw my first (and only) published writing appear in print for the whole town to see and read.  The newspaper staff even embellished the article by including a line drawing of a Scout in uniform crouched at a campfire while cooking.   T’was a proud moment for this Norwegian Farmer’s Son.


NFS 4.20c
With a love for our nation’s history, Scouting really appealed to Elliott.

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