Norwegian Farmer’s Son…April 14th


#404.2 Christmas 1959
Elliott’s hero and big brother, Lowell, is on the left.

POEM – “Adventures With Good-Hearted Brother” by N. Elliott Noorlun

Handsome hero, That’s my bro,

I’d shadow him, Where’er he’d go.

#395=G&G Sletten home, Albert Lea, MN; August 1963
Elliott got a baseball between the eyes in front of this quaint cottage that belonged to our beloved maternal grandparents.

Like the time we went, To Albert Lea,

Our dear grandparents, Were there to see.

My brother said, “Hey El, let’s play, 

Some baseball catch,  To pass the day,”

NFS 4.14a
Time to play some ‘catch’!!! 😉

So out came the gloves, And the fun began,

Cause I’ve always been, Brother’s biggest fan.

NFS 4.14b
As daylight waned, it was harder for Elliott to see that ball coming down from the sky.

He’d fling high balls, O’er power line wire,

I’d catch ’em and try, To throw ’em back higher,

Until the light, Of day did wane,

And to see that ball, I’d have to strain,

My young boy’s eyes, To meet that ball,

Inside my glove, Or let it fall.

NFS 4.14d
That last ball was hidden in the dark sky and cracked Elliott right between the eyes!!!!

Sure enough it got, So dark that night,

When bro flung it high, It went outta sight,

Before I could see, Where the ball would fall,

It cracked my head, Like sledge hammer maul.

Goose egg rose, Upon my head,

And for a moment, Bro thought I was dead,

But such are adventures, With good-hearted brother,

I still love him dearly, Like no other!!!

#1294 Lowell n Elliott Noorlun. Round Top near Honolulu, HI. Circa 2014.


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