Norwegian Farmer’s Son…April 4th


NFS 4.4a

POEM – “Beware of Super Can!!”  by N. Elliott Noorlun

Little did I realize, When I was but a boy,

That aerosol cans with added heat, Were really not a toy.

NFS 4.4d
Heat + Spray Can = Mini Bomb!!!

So when I took out, The trash to burn,

A powerful lesson, I soon would learn.

#96=Elliott with cousins in wagon, August 1962
Elliott (on left) with his Colorado Cousins at the basic age of the exploding spray can incident.

The chore of burning trash was mine,

So I’d head for the woods, And I THOUGHT would be fine,

To pour it all on, In one big heap,

Then light the match, And watch the flames creep,

Up the paper, wood, And all such junk,

But in there was hiding, A metal hunk.

NFS 4.4f
Elliott had walked about 50 feet away when behind him came the KABOOOOM!!

The fire was going, Well and good,

So I moved away, From where I stood.

When halfway back,  To the house I heard,

An explosion that caused, My blood to curd!!

NFS 4.4b
Elliott was SHOCKED!!

I cautiously crept, Back to the scene,

And viewed a spray can, Ugly and mean.

The heat from the fire, Caused it to EXPLODE!

His angels had moved me, To safety’s abode.

It’s best to ask questions, Of what you’re to do,

So you don’t become target, Of a giant KERBLEW!!! 😉

NFS 4.4e
Elliott ran like the wind to tell his mother what had just happened out at the burn pile in the woods.

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