Norwegian Farmer’s Son…March 31st


NFS 3.31d
#1 best prank Elliott has ever seen!

My fellow custodian, Cynthia, was determined to jape the juvenile that day as we worked at getting the summer cleaning done at Glenwood Hts. Elementary School.  This custodian lady was a mischievous little vixen when it came to teasing pranks and practical jokes.   Her double whammy combination sure made those summer cleaning duties stay on the wild side for our High School-aged temporary summer worker named, Scott.   Throughout that fateful day, Cynthia had been hiding around corners or sneaking up on Scott just to see him jump higher and higher from her antics.  As a result, Scott became VERY leery about even being near this high energy co-worker.

NFS 3.31b
Cynthia (hiding inside) looked JUST LIKE a normal bag of trash.

Later that afternoon, Scott was wayyyy down at the end of a long hallway doing some cleaning.    He was too far away to hear the conniving that was happening between Cynthia, Big John Maynard and myself.    That little sneak of a lady grabbed a new, black garbage bag and proceeded to tie the seamed end into a knot.  Then, Cynthia sat down on the floor, pulled her knees up against her chest and slid the open end of the trash bag down over her body.  Next, she tucked in the bag around her bottom.  She literally looked JUST like a big bag of garbage needing to taken to the dumpster.  Once settled inside her “trap”, Cynthia poked a hole in the bag towards Scott’s direction, so she could see Scott coming towards her up the long hallway.  At her command, Big John Maynard calls out to Scott, “Heyyyyyy SCOTT!!!!  Ya better come and take this bag of “garbage” out to the dumpster, it’s rreally starting to smell!!!”    Obedient to orders, Scott begins the journey towards us up the hallway.  All the way, Scott is commenting on how he’s wise to Cynthia’s tricks and how she’ll never fool HIM again.  Of course, little does he know, but the “spider” was waiting to catch the “fly”.

NFS 3.31e
Elliott thought that teenager was either going to have a heart attack, mess his pants, or BOTH!! 😉

When Scott was within inches of picking up that “bag of trash”, Cynthia exploded out of her trap with a blood curdling scream and all mayhem broke loose from that point!  Scott screamed as high as any soprano and fell back against the hall wall grabbing for his chest.

NFS 3.31c
Elliott and his two custodian buddies laughed so hard at poor Scott’s calamity!!! 😉

Not sure if Scott made a little “puddle” on the floor, but John, Cynthia and myself BURST out laughing so hard and long, that we started to cry and hyperventilate from these shenanigans!!!  It was one of the most perfect practical jokes ever seen by this Norwegian Farmer’s Son.

NFS 10.17d


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