Norwegian Farmer’s Son…March 25th


AUTHOR’S NOTE:  Just as a single gem stone has many facets, so also can one incident in life have other perspectives to share about.  So is the case in this little story poem.  True, other entries in this gentle saga dealt with losing a finger in the riding lawnmower……this little facet focuses on the part of needing stitches.

Riding mower

POEM – “A Shorter Wave” by N. Elliott Noorlun

Back in the day, T’was in a hurry,

As riding mower, And I did scurry,

Too fast to take, A second to think,

Made a bad decision, In half a wink.

That buzzing sound, Was my fingers caught,

Being in place, They shouldn’t have ought,

So off to the hospital, Ambulance flew,

Finger in baggie, That looked peeyoo!!

Dr. Bump said, “Kid, if I sew it back on”,

“T’won’t be any feeling, Cause that’s all gone.”

So he snapped off some bone, To gain some skin,

Then pulled it on over, Let the stitching begin.

So now little x’s, Marked the spot,

Where once was finger, That now is shot.

Ever since on lawnmowers, I do behave,

As I greet my friends, With a shorter wave 😉

NFS 3.25b
Old Elliott is now a safe lawnmower operator!! 😉




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