Norwegian Farmer’s Son…March 23rd


#526=Elliott's broken hand; Feb. 1974
1974.  Elliott broke two bones in his left hand between the knuckles and the wrist.

POEM – “Pain Is A Messy Teacher” by N. Elliott Noorlun

Two YOWSA instances, Come to mind,

When life to me, T’weren’t very kind.

In Nineteen Hundred and Seventy Four,

This 20 year buck, Just out the door,

Tried to stop, A trampoline,

That came my way, And started to lean,

Upon my hand, And broke two bones,

I hollered LOUD, And made some moans.

#300=Elliott with farewell cake at Glenwood; 1981
This 1981 photo has always been a bit spooky to Elliott.  Prophetic, in a way.  Like this farewell cake shows, he was using a riding lawnmower when injuries occurred to his left hand.

Then came 1981,

While riding a mower, This son of a gun,

Decided to try, And stop the blade,

So mincemeat of, My hand it made!

Finger tip gone, Another one broke,

Life changed quick, In one fell stroke,

Pain is one heckuva messy teacher,

Especially when dealing, With a Norski creature. 😉

NFS 2.5a


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